Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Letter "D"

The Alphabet Show

February 17-27

BF Larsen Gallery HFAC

Reception, Februaury 22, 8-10 p.m.


Darling, I told you already:

Don’t think of me leaving,

Don’t think of me going. Think,

Dear heart, of the staggering size of the world, the

Doors I have never even seen.

Today dawned bright blue and he appeared, a

Daedalus to take me to the sun. There was no

Decision, no breath of doubt. We are

Dizzy in the sky the night left behind;

Our hearts dart toward it, dancing, darling-

Don’t think of me leaving.

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JethRobyn said...

Those are pretty awesome!! I'm really glad that we have found your blog. It has been such an inspiration to Jethro to be producing more art, I love it. he started an art blog, the Linc is on our blog, if you wanted to check it out. Any luck with the mummified cat? My mom might volunteer one of hers (i used to bring home kittens a lot...and then I left them there :) )

Crystal said...

this is one of my favorite paintings! the colors are delicious... Kate is super talented - tender poem :)


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