Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Last night was one of the strangest nights I can recall. Not only was my mind on turbo speed, driving me to the brink of insanity,but then my kittens sleep walked into my room. They did it one at a time and then it started again. It was like I was in some wacky movie, a wacky movie I wouldn't have watched. But...right before the alarm went off, when my body knew and was getting ready to wake and my mind was still fluid, I saw what I wanted to paint. I'm not sure what the idea means, only kind of and that's intriguing. I was really anxious this morning to get lost in the painting and explore. I even broke into my stash of super cool new brushes, which's business time. I love my brushes.
Above is a piece of what I painted today. I can't wait to work on it again tomorrow. Later in my studio I noticed the artwork that my little darlings had done yesterday. I definitely was inspired by my tres gatitas.
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batty said...

Love, love, love that painting you've started! Sometimes I think we get alot of clarity just before we wake up. I either get answers to something or I just dream something really psycho and wake up to find it's not real. Weird. Love your babes art too.

mer said...

love where this painting is going!


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