Thursday, January 10, 2008


Confession: I used to have a ghost writer write about my artwork. It's hard for me to put my thoughts regarding my art work in a concise and understandable form. I have so many ideas and feelings about my work that it starts to all swirl around and get mixed up. I think writing on this blog as I work through the ideas has helped.

The following is my artist statement which accompanied this series of work for the gallery. I wanted to give some clues as to what he symbols mean to me but leave enough room for the viewer to make her/his own meanings.

For quite some time I have unintentionally addressed the same subject over and over again in many different ways. I think to better understand, to connect an idea or concept, it needs to be approached from many angles. In this series of paintings I didn’t know how the pieces held together until I put them side by side and realized that was indeed what I had done. I had approach the concept of love from many angles and ideas.

Symbols are the way in which communicate through painting. Symbols are my alphabet with which I build words and sentences and then stories from which myself and the viewer are left to interpret and to connect the information. The information is not confined to logic because it can sometimes be something that is felt. In this series of paintings, the stories are explorations rather than conclusions.

Some of the symbols in this series include: tokens (promises, memories), an apple (seduction, beguilement, truth, knowledge, choice, defiance), ribbons (veins, tangles strange and lovely), a knife (a weapon or a tool, armed, dangerous, hurt or disappointment), purse (charity, something to give or share or hide), tears (emotions of joy or sadness), arrows (something to be shot in a direction, at a target, aimed), decorations (illusions of beauty), a and strawberry (meaty heart, ripe and dripping, to be consumed).

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Bridget said...

Your paintings are always beautiful. Going back to the previous post- I would be so sad to part with your artwork. It is hard enough to toss some of my kids'! Well done as always.

Kate Horowitz said...

What's the perfect piece on the bottom called? It says everything to me.

emily said...

Have so much fun at your show! I wish I could be there!! Your paintings look so great, and so you. Hope tonight's the best.

I Am said...

I love the new paintings!
I also love the pictures where I can see your house and remember when I used to be there working with your dad. It seems like it was in another life-- its wonderful how motherhood deepens ones appreciation of things...big sigh.
Anyway, as of today I have a blog, its just of my paintings, probably none that you haven't seen before, but come on over, bring a friend the more the merrier.


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