Wednesday, December 12, 2007


With a deep sigh of relief, I just finished a commission that has been on my list of things to do for FOUR YEARS. This particular project is why I don't do commissions. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy the challenge and the result. These paintings turned out pretty nice. But given the choice between painting whatever my heart and head are churning and burning about or paint something that I have to paint...the answer is easy. was my goal to get these promised little gems finished by my birthday and I did it. I got involved in them when I started to add the symbolism about a family tied together. Yes indeed this family has seven children and they aren't even from Utah. Cool. I hope they like the paintings. I've had them around so long, I might miss them hanging around.

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Nicholas said...

What a wonderful gift for a family to receive! I love it!

Laura A said...

Wow Cassandra! I'm near tears seeing that family. They're so beautiful.

Jennifer T. said...

Very nice! I'm sure they'll love it. How do you create that crackle effect?

pamo said...

i love them! beauty! i understand though about painting what you want. it's actually impossible for me to do something other people want. i totally freeze and the art sucks. you've pulled it off though.

Lisa said...

Those turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!! You should be so pleased and I'm sure the family will too. You are amazing.


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