Thursday, December 20, 2007

We tried to just be regular tourists but that doesn't keep our attention very long. Hmmm....what could I do?

One of the bonuses about being married for as long as we have is that we know each other well. We usually know what to expect and can roll with whatever it is. So for instance, when we were at Chichen-itza and I said to Dan that I needed to sprint around that ruin, he said...let me hold your bag. He knows I'm going to do it so he sweetly ignores the stares and snaps a nice photo. He told the stunned woman standing next to him, "she just needs to do that sometimes."

When I say, pretend to be the protector of the night, the mighty jaguar...he does and he does it well. He's so fierce!

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batty said...

Welcome home! Looks like lots of fun!

Kate Horowitz said...

I was reading up on jaguars to write about the new Simon Combes painting and I learned that jaguars are unique among the great cats for the way they kill. Apparently most of the cats go for the throat and snap the neck, but jaguars are so bad-ass that they actually crush the prey's skull in their jaws and put their fangs into its brain. That is so metal. That's Dan Barney. The skull-crusher.

cassandra said...

Good to be back to see the kiddies. I wish I could grab them and get back on th plane though! See you soon!
Kate- ya that is totally Dan Barney. He tries to crush my skull all the time. Grrr....


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