Monday, December 3, 2007

I live with lots of artists. Really, almost everybody I know is an artist, practically everyone. It sounds like so much fun and... yes it is, but sometimes it's a little kookie too. Everything becomes an art project. It's a way of life I suppose.
The other day, my dad brought something over to our house. My dad and I were chatting while Dan finished making a cherry pie. I just love Dan's cherry pies so much. The kookie part was that all three of us were very serious about designing the top of the pie. My dad kept suggesting slight alterations in the angles and then we would discuss. It was pretty funny. My dad was worried about the "convergence" of the leaves and the stems. Thank goodness we all finally felt comfortable with the design so that we could move onto other matters.
Dan's pies are so good that they don't need to be pretty but three artists in the kitchen? It takes longer but pretty pies probably taste better!?

You must be the sort of person who can see the glamor in any project if it has an elegant design. You must be the sort of person who finds bad design physically nauseating.
William Shipley
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sam said...

Oh my word, that's hilarious.

And Nate totally finds bad design nauseating. It offends him more than I think is rational. I tend to laugh it off.

Lisa said...

That is soooo funny. I agree that pretty things taste better. Dan's cake the other night was fabulous.


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