Thursday, December 6, 2007

Even Happy Girls Cry
I've spent most of my life, especially the past couple of years, thinking that crying was a sign of weakness. This painting addresses my healthier inquiry of displaying emotion. Even happy girls cry. Crying isn't just sadness or pain. Crying is when the heart overflows. That's a beautiful thing. I keep being surprised at the colors that I keep painting. I don't plan it, I just do it. They are happy bright colors.

This is a shout out to Laura Mayer in Ephrata, Washington. Through hard work she living a dream life. Lala (as she is called at our house) had talked about opening up a gallery/studio/shop where she could do her art work, teach and sell. She's done it. It's called The Art Garden and it's going very well I hear. Her life sounds like a romantic movie. Above is a pciture of one of my very favorite things in my house. I have told my children that if the house starts of fire to grab the sculpture first. Lala is a very talented artist and I'm glad that she shares what she does.
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Laura A said...

That is a beautiful painting. I love the tears.

batty said...

awesome painting - I think it is a good sign to cry when happy, sad, mad, scared, crazy, etc. The list could go on and on but I have never thought of crying as a sign of weakness, just a sign of someone who carries their emotions for all to see. I just wish I could find some good waterproof mascara!

Lisa said...

Amen sister, I can't help but cry (often). I think I'm pretty strong but I agree, that my heart just overflows. Thanks for putting it not only into words, but also into art. It is beautiful. My friend Zoe LOVES you. I'll have to bring her over some time.


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