Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tree Skirt II

Tonight I just couldn't help myself, I wore my treeskirt skirt to a party. I don't think there was a person there who didn't offer a comment on my super cute holiday skirt. I urged others to go home and try their own treeskirt skirts on. This might just be the single most important contribution I make to society in my lifetime. Thanks again Tonya, especially for making it reversible so that I can wear it to the next party.
I have so many big things to be happy about right now. I am so, so, so lucky to have the best husband ever and kids to love and family and friends to love and a job that I love and...a feather Christmas tree. I've wanted one of these for years. Every single time I walk by my powder blue arbor of joy I make one of those quiet happy squeals inside. I almost want to cry right now I'm so happy.
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batty said...

You are so silly and you made my night. I really needed a good hearty laugh! I can just see you twirling around at the party - Wish I could've seen that! I can guarantee you'll get more use out of your tree skirt than most people.
You seem very happy and it is contagious. Thank you for being you.

The Petersons said...

Cas you did not!!! You are the cutest girl in the whole wide world! Your blog is a legend in out home here in Laguna. We all read it and comment on it at family dinners. I hope one day I can be half the blogger that you are. As for my mom and me, we are adicted to your creativity!

Laura A said...

Wow. Good for you! There's no WAY my waist would fit into an opening designed for a tree trunk :-).


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