Monday, November 19, 2007

I plopped into Dan's lap Sunday morning and he said, "Wow! you smell like...pomegranate, sandalwood, lavender, sage!" It's true I was quite a medley of rich scents. I had just gotten out of the shower where I had used soap, body-wash, shampoo and conditioner. Then I applied face and body lotions. I topped it off with a little neosporin to the gash on my leg. THAT's a lot of smells to be mixing.
Dan and I proceeded to think up some scent combinations that probably shouldn't happen like: all-spice roses-roses, pumpkin patchouli banana peach, french vanilla juniper grass, lilac pond, chai emerald berry farms, hot avocado fresh and clean, molasses pine and peppermint sweet milky melon. Then through fits of laughter and tears we started in on scents that aren't really scents like; wisps of ribbon, very berry thimbles, windy diamonds, sun-kissed butter, blue aura and evening feathers.
Seriously, I am going to try to be more responsible about trying to match the scents I wear or at least try to space them out. It's going to be a challenge because I like things that smell good but I do have a responsibility to others around me and I respect that.
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