Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cooking with Mama Cass

My interest in all things domestic is still proving challenging. I am still painting during the day of course, but my evenings are mostly devoted to sewing and cooking. I'm mostly excited about the domestic attire. Thank you my friend Batty for this lovely delicate apron. I spun around the kitchen all evening. My first attempt at Shepherd's Pie was actually more of a Shepherd's Soup. The satisfaction is definitely in the process, not the product. Hopefully with time the success to failure ratio will increase.
Last night my kittens played "throw the crepe" which was way fun. They filled the crepes with turkey and cranberries . It was far more successful and maybe soon they'll vote me out of the kitchen. Hmmm...that's something to think about.
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Laura A said...

Love the apron! We are very much an apron household, tho' I need mine to have ample top coverage to be effective. I'm messy. I bought 6 yards of a fantastic heavy cotton fabric that I want to make aprons out of, and I actually thought of you. You seem like a "cool apron" kind of girl.

cassandra said...

I actually have been collecting vintage aprons and making them for the past few years. It's about as much as I can handle as far as sewing goes. I even iron them and hang them in the laundryroom closet so that I can have lovely options ready. Just tonight Dan sewed me a crazy one. I'll have to take a picture. I still want to trade with you after Christmas. Maybe a little sweater? Your things should be framed and hung not worn! We'll talk. What kind of aprons will you make?

batty said...

I knew that apron was meant for you. So cute! Aren't you just the domestic goddess?!?!

Laura A said...

The plain, boring kind that goes around the neck, ties at the waist, and stops mid thigh. (On me, but I'm tall). No ruffles or anything fancy, just neat fabric.


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