Wednesday, November 7, 2007

As I sit here medicated, looking like a little chipmunk with a can of cold pepsi pressed against my black and blue cheek, what I really want to be writing about is the chain of events that have just taken place in my mouth due to an innocent chipped tooth, a little impacted wisdom tooth (that looking back has caused many a problem including undoing all of the orthodontia work I had done in grades four through six including wearing a headgear) and curvy roots (which sound sexy but are a complication). All in all I have to admit that I've valued the valium over the lortab and thank goodness we have dental insurance for the first time...but the blog is not a podium for my complaints. Instead, as I have been putting together the three presentations that I get to give starting tomorrow (looking like a chipmunk) I have been reviewing past artworks. Some of my past work I am super impressed with. What is interesting to me is the repeated themes. The painting above is titled; Veronica Pleads with the Moon. It's so pretty and as the moon has been an integral part of my latest work it made me stop and wonder again about how things work in a circle...and as soon as this medication wears off maybe it'll make sense.
This painting is titled Seraphina. It means 'burning one' which is about the same thing and the title of this blog, Churnings and Burnings.
Then I came across paintings of saints. This piece won second place in the seventy fifth Spring Salon at The Springville Museum of Art. I'm also currently painting lots of fruit and I've gone back to mostly single figures. Huh...
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jennie said...

What... no pictures of your cute chubby cheek???

Laura A said...

I LOVE the top one. Love, love, love it! I love that eye color that pops up in your paintings sometimes, I love her name :-), and I love that she's busty without falling out all over the place. I truly love it.

I've been very busty since I was 9, and unfortunately, suffered discrimination for it. Parents of boys my age weren't nice to me, like I intentionally grew a huge chest to corrupt their sons or something. It's ridiculous. Having large breasts does not make a woman a tramp.

I like seeing a lovely, busty woman in a painting where her chest isn't being exploited or flaunted, it's simply part of her body and is able to be clothed appropriately.

Your artwork is so personal to me. I love it, and it amazes me.


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