Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What Mom's do while their kids are at school on Halloween Day

Hmmm...I'm just too excited to paint. This IS my very favorite holiday. Hmmm... look at all these costumes laying about. Maybe I should just try this one on.
Wonder Woman in the kitchen. Nice idea. Obviously I need the invisible jet because jumping up and down is not helping me to fly. Duh.
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Nancy said...

You're one heck of an Indian Wonder Witch Diminutive Woman -- We love ya!!

I am about to crave my very own pumpkin (well, no one claimed it) before the kiddies come home.

Have a great evening -- talk soon.


jennie said...

Hilarious. You are kinda hot!

Robin said...

WONDERful. You made my day. And saved me the trouble of trying on all those outfits. I live vicariously through you.

Nancy said...

.... duh, I meant carve!


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