Monday, October 8, 2007


This is the most recently completed painting. This painting grew out of my fascination with the Greek Goddess, Minerva. The myth is that she brought the arts as well as war to the earth. War and art? Is it the art that she brought into your life worth the price, worth enduring war? Hmmm... I hope so.
Minerva is often depicted holding and owl. I made her a bit of a saint. Can she be a saint after she brought war?
I'm going to miss having these paintings to look at and think about.
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Laura A said...

Oh! This is my favorite of the group! She's stunning.

sstar said...

It is my wholehearted opinion that those paintings should enver be separated. Or maybe, never shown together. :) It is impossible to tell if the beauty becomes more intense when combined or more pointed when seperate. Either way - a triumph beyond my imaginings.

imageseer said...

Thanks so much for coming and sharing yourself with my students....they couldn't get enough of you!

cassandra said...

Thank you very. very much. I't nice to get feedback from people who aren't my dad or husband.
I'd love to sell them as a set or never show them together...a very romatic idea.


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