Monday, October 15, 2007

Let the fun begin...

When Mommy starts 'Fall Break' with a's bound to be an interesting weekend. I think the exact quote was, ", what's with the clipboard?" Good thing we have this photo because it's rare moment indeed.
The kittens will most likely remember the nights cuddled up by the fire at Sundance, the long, beautiful hike down from the chairlift where we happened upon a dead deer carcass, the bike ride to the lake or maybe the time spent with family and friends. My personal favorite was wearing these super cool glasses that made getting our eyes dilated so very worth it.
It's getting harder for me to convince my kittens that my personal entertainment is worth a little uncomfortable attention, especially now that they are getting older. They would only wear them in the car, indulging me only through the drive through at Carl's Jr.
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Gritty Pretty said...

Those kittens of yours are my favorite!! Don't let them know (because we definitely do it for our personal entertainment!) but Susan Krueger and I still quote all the clever & hilarious things they said during the art workshop.


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