Thursday, October 18, 2007

Amish Ohio

One of the best parts about going on these gallery trips is that I get to see new places. We flew into Ohio today. The weather is lovely and...Amish country what?! I didn't even know. Our host took us for a driving tour which was so, so pretty. I squealed (quietly) when I saw my first horse drawn buggy. Lots of healthy looking Amish folk were out working and everyone that we passed seemed to wave and be very friendly.
For a special treat, our host took us by the home of a friend of his. He is a casket-maker by trade. His family was so super sweet. We got to take a little tour of their grounds, including the school house where we met the sixteen year old teacher. She appeared to have it all in order. I am impressed at all that clean healthy happy living.
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Gritty Pretty said...

wow, i love that "best of all" refrain! and "wretchedness" is such a cool word...


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