Wednesday, October 3, 2007

All That I Have to Give is Yours's time. I'm finished with four large paintings. This was the first one completed. The size is 4' X 3'. The size was challenging but exciting. The color is different than I had first intended, more happy than reverent. I'm thinking that that fits what I wanted this painting to be about, she is happily giving all she has to give. The three butterflies I painted from my dad's butterfly collection. I think it's good to paint from life sometimes instead of pictures. There are subtleties there that are missed in a photo. Plus, when something scrap only comes from a photo, it seems to me that the part that I love best, the feeling part...where I paint from inside of me is strained. On the other hand, I am often held back by drawing problems, goofy proportions, that could be eliminated by tracing.
Re: the churning and burning that I had the other night. That painting is still on the easel. I'm struggling with it. I was hoping that it would be one of those magic pieces that sort of appear beyond my limitations but...that just can't be forced. Sigh...going to work on it now.
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Kate said...

I love love love her eyes. The light in them is just indescribable and makes me smile from deep in my stormy little heart.

Laura A said...

It's lovely.

I feel that way as a mother sometimes. Like today, the baby is sick. I spend my time holding him, and take a break to wash dishes and prepare for dinner 'til he insists on being held again. I'll be truly lucky if I get to the necessary laundry.

A family has so much need. We can choose to give in beauty and butterflies, or in resentment.

J Tolman said...

Beautifully done. This is a great piece! I wish I could see it live.

FinallyInSeattle said...

Beautiful painting Cassie! Can't wait to see the entire show posted on the Greenwich Gallery site. Still waiting on word from Chris to figure out whether I'll see you in CT.


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