Friday, September 21, 2007

High Five!

The sparks are fly'n in the studio. These four large pieces that I'm working on show promise. I'm sing'n. I'm happy.

My parents just got back from Connecticut where they met with writer Kate Horowitz. My dad said she is bright and lovely. He took some pictures of her for me to paint and she looks like a real live Blythe doll. I am always impressed with her writing. I often want to paint the images her poems form in my mind. Maybe we'll do a book together.

After St. Catherine de Ricci

I gave this pain your name
and it made me holy.When my heart failed, my eyes,
my breath, I carved visions of your promises
in my skin.
When I could no longer speak
I spoke with you,
but you never told a soul
--the awful lilies, Lord, the horrible roses.
You knew the weight of their perfume
would be my undoing.

And now they bring me pink angels,
silk shoes, golden chalices of your blood,
and take my silence
for a blessing.
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Laura A said...

Oh, good! Hopefully, you've left the funk behind.

Are you going to Cannon Beach this fall?

cassandra said...

Laura- Looks like we'll be in Cannon Beach in the spring. I'm looking forward to it.


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