Thursday, September 6, 2007

All Mighty Minerva

By the power of everything that is Minerva...I do believe it's working. But how in the world does she keep those headbands in place? I like the look but it kind of hurt my head after a while. It was so worth it though because this week I've gotten into my groove.
It took me a while to settle myself down, get in sync with my new environment and get to work. I'll reveal what I'm working on at a later date.

I still am struggling with wanting to channel the sublime into these paintings. I realize that when that happens it happens, my part is to work hard.
It's funny, I was so looking forward to have my little kittens in school. I like this time of year when we get into a schedule. I get quiet work time during the day and the house stays cleaner.
But this is the first year all three are in school full day. I have to admit that I miss a bit of the ruckus. I miss the noise.
Our house is finally cleaned up and organized. It feels happy, comfortable and it feel like it's ours. The morning and evening light are stunning. I thought I'd die having ro leave my Vancouver life, but this all feels right. I'm glad to be here, spending my days making art and the rest being a mom. Sigh...
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Laura A said...

I didn't realize you had one so young!

This is the first school year that all three of MY girls are gone full day, too, but I still have the little man around. It's very strange having so much time during the day without someone talking at me.

Your kitchen looks cool! I like the wallpaper.


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