Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I received the best gift ever from Dan Barney for our anniversary. He's a good thoughtful gift-giver always but I don't think this one can be topped. It a ring from the first century. It's Roman, originating from Macedonia. The story is that it was discovered in a collection in Germany. Cool huh?
The ring is a stamp of Minerva, the Greek goddess. Minerva was considered to be the virgin goddess of warriors, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, crafts, and the inventor of music. Who better for me to wear on my finger?
The Minerva ring reminded me of Minerva Teichert, and got me to thinking. The thing is, I've never gotten past the point that she would paint of the BACK of masonite. I personally don't like that surface, why would she do that? But I'm looking at her in the picture above (she's the figure on the right) and I'm thinking headband Minerva. Maybe I should look reassess my harsh judgement of her. She did do a lot of work and some of those compositions are complicated. I sort of like her colors. Most importantly, maybe she spent her whole life's work illustrating something she was passionate about. That's pretty cool.
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McPhie Family said...

how on earth did he find that ring? And you have great hands!

cassandra said...

K- He got it from our friend Glen who has that antique store on Center street in Provo. He has a lot of spooky good treasures in there. Hope you guys are well...XOX C

emily said...

It's funny, I'm wearing a headband just like that today. Rock on Minerva.

cassandra said...

You funny little sister! I'm going to go put one on right now! Maybe I'll paint better that way.

jennie said...

Will you be sealing any envelopes with that ring??


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