Monday, August 13, 2007

It's time to get it together...I WILL NOT miss a deadline. Actually, I'm trying to cut down of the caffeine. Dan bought me that 64oz. as a joke...sort of.
My tactics for operation get myself back together include, going to bed before midnight (actually right now would be good), get up early and working out hard, only working on my house and other various motherhood duties until noon, painting (guilt free because I've done my duties prior to painting) from one until five, taking care of kids and dabbling in socializing following dinner...or more painting.
It's crazy how every time I've taken a little painting break I feel like I have to relearn how to paint. I've spent three days doing what should have taken me one. I've surrounded myself by postcards of paintings I like for inspiration.
I'm happy with the direction this first painting of this set is going but I'm unsure how to solve what's not working. Maybe in my sleep it'll just come to me.

My little bits moved right in with me today. Now that I've gotten started working, their company is lovely. I like having them there, listening to music and admiring their art projects.

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Carrie said...

People are still asking me how Chris proposed and so I tell them and show them your painting. Hence, you have a lot of new fans of your work. I love being able to share things I love with others.
I can't wait for you to have another show in Oregon. Maybe by then I will have bought Fleur. (if they still have one available)
Good luck with your deadline! I love reading your blog.


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