Sunday, August 12, 2007

Esta cuerda es demasiado larga.

I tried to start painting this weekend. I have a deadline quickly approaching and I've never missed a deadline before. It's hard to paint when your supplies (not to mention the beds, clothes, dishes and other conveniences) are still in Canada AND there are workers in and out of the house and on the roof. Oh! and because of the break in the main (water line) we haven't had water for a while. I really did try to work but through the tears it was hard to to actually see what I was doing.

Our front yard.

Yes...that was a pretty tree.

We have had our challenges since we returned to our house. At first I was overwhelmed with the amount of cleaning and yard work that had to be done. That was noth'n compared to the list of repairs, it's absolutely silly. It just goes on and on. My sweet, handsome Dan has somehow held us all together with a positive attitude and a lot of hard work. Actually, things might be lonely when it's just our family, doing dishes and homework. What if I start breaking things just for the excitement.
On a positive note, it's been so nice to have fun friends stopping by. There are good people here.
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pete&jenn said...

First things first... there is so much to do! Just try to take things one step at a time and remember that you can only do so much with the time you are given.
Second, your Dan is handsome, and he makes a dang good chocolate cake.


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