Thursday, August 23, 2007

Can life get any better?

I am the luckiest girl in the whole heart is so full that I can't be silent about this. I did something very special yesterday, something that not everybody gets to experience. I got to got to the dump AGAIN. That's twice in one summer. I don't deserve such a treat.
Yes, the dump smells kinda...really bad and it's all full of disgusting consumer waste but besides that, it's a blast! I get the same satisfying feeling there as if I'd just participated in a boxing class or any other full contact sport. I'm totally serious about that.
I got a little sassy with my throwing this time and almost fell off the back of the truck. I tried some new techniques, running and throwing. I'm thinking that Dan really should wear protective gear next time. I try to lob those items high and far. The climax is when a box opens mid-air and sends styrofoam packing material (we call them ghost turds) dancing through the air like fireworks or like a beautiful snowstorm. Aaaah! Makes my heart all pumpity with the memory.
It also means that we have made a big step in the moving process, garbage and boxes gone. Squeak!
Note: We absolutely did recycle our boxes, no worries

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anne said...

I love the dump. I miss the dump. It has been too long.



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