Monday, July 23, 2007


The Barney favorite Vancouver foods list:
We all love Bubble Tea, my favorite is taro with a full order of pearls. Dan and my little one love Connie's Chinese Food on 4th. Little one loves the wonton soup so much that the owner showed her how to make them herself. Our favorite fruit and vegetable shopping is at the Grandville Market in our village. Also in our village we frequent the Japanese place, three of us love sashimi so much that we eat it several times a week. The other two always get the butter chicken at Indian place. Dan learned how to make all kinds of hummus the other night from our middle eastern friends and it's yummy. We eat in Little India when we can, we like everything except the desserts...ew. My kids love Banana Leaf always. Chinese food in Chinatown is a fun adventure. Poutine is so fatty good. Dan's favorite is Fritz's Fries. Dan and Juan also rate Modern Deluxe Burger as their top choice. I like Baru. Dona Cata is the only good mexican we've found in that whole big city but it's a little bit of a drive to get there. We also have a favorite downtown, the swarma place across the street from the museum. I can't remember what it's called. We get our food and eat on the museum steps. My favorite snazzy places are Feenies and Bishops. I also like Naam for healthier cuisine. I know there are a lot more. Eating out has been a fun bonus, good times with good food.
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