Saturday, July 28, 2007

Taking Ownership

I woke up early this morning and went for a run. I ran into the familiar. I passed houses of people I know well, my church and my elementary school. I ran until my knees hurt, but my heart felt good. I grinned and remembered what Brigham Young said as he arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, "this is the place."

Last night we got an unexpected surprise. My little kitten, whose arrival preceded ours by a month, had spent two days working on our house. This little person had put in serious labor, cleaning up after the carpet layers and painter and washing windows with no prompting or instruction from any adult. I was so proud of her I couldn't even talk. She took ownership. This was her house and her family.

Taking ownership...maybe that's the difference in me before I left. It's not anybody or anything outside of me, I own it.

I had pondered about SO's comment on my last blog entry...would this place seem the same? So far...yeah, I think so. I mean, I've only been here for 11 hours but it's all familiar. It's the same place that I left.

I did some interesting drawings on our travel respite. I illustrated the "Pledge of allegiance to Dan Barney" and I drew what I would look like when I'm really old. I also worked out what I want to paint and that's motivating me to get our home ready so that I can get to work. I can't wait to move into my new plush studio. (I squeaked when I wrote that.)


Sunshine said...

thanks mom.
i love you!

grittypretty said...

YAY! HIP HIP! you've come back and i'm dancing a jig 'cause that's great news. smiling about the proximity of the barney family...

Tenderness and Toil said...

I love it when you squeak.


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