Monday, July 23, 2007

Au Revoir

Okay... it's time to pack up the computer. With everything in boxes and piles, I'm anxious to get going. I'm pretty sure my tear ducts have run dry. It also hasn't stopped raining and I'm looking forward to so sun and of friends and family in Utah.
Much love to my beautiful friends that I'm leaving here in B.C. It's been a fabulous two years.
Au Revoir mes amies!
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so said...

as they returned to the valley it was like they never left,
nothing had changed,
except their minds were full new people, places, things and ideas

apcastro said...

You will truley be missed in Vancouver! It will not be the same with your family gone. Many wonderful memories were made over such a short amount of time. Each and everyone of you are so special and will be missed dearly.
We love you!

Tenderness and Toil said...

Bon Voyage! And have a safe journey. Leaving people is one of the worst things we have to do! I am excited you will be closer!! Lots of love.


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