Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Once is a while I see a person I would like to paint. It's something in the eyes or the way they hold themselves. I see a beauty that I'd like to work with. I just had the reverse order of that happen, I met a person I've already painted.

I was in the gym and there was a girl on a spin bike across from me. I was worried that she'd think I was a little strange staring at her but I couldn't help it, she looked so much like this painting, Ripe Fruit, that I've kept in my studio for at least a year. About a week later we crossed paths again and instead of gawking at her, I ran out and wrote down my website for her and told her she could take a look. She is as delightful and beautiful as a person can be. She came over last night and modeled for me. I'm lucky to have met her and have some new scrap to be excited about. She has that something that I want to work with. Thanks Adah.

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grittypretty said...

wow. she's sooo beautiful.

Tenderness and Toil said...

She is beautiful. And she totally looks like your paintings. good find.


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