Sunday, June 24, 2007

Our House

I few years back I worked on a series of house paintings. The idea started from drawings that I would do with my little girls to keep them quiet during church. I would start an outline of a house and they would add to it. We'd pass it back and forth and together we'd make wonderful images. It seems pretty symbolic. We ended up doing some large paintings that we all worked on together. I'd take the lead, cleaning up and fixing up with little girls adding more and more. They turned out pretty nice. I wish I had one of them back now.

I thought of these paintings while I was working on getting my house fixed up this week. There was so much chaos and so many chores that it was overwhelming but at the same all of that there was something beautiful. Each of the people in our homes, our families and our friends add all of those lines, smears and marks. Each person adds color and chaos. What comes out of it is this big beautiful picture. I'm glad for all of that craziness and hard work.


McPhie Family said...

this painting is so cool! and so awesome that the girls helped do it!

Laura A said...

I luv the carrots AND the house! You're going to get tired of hearing this from me, but I love the color!

So fantastic.


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