Thursday, June 28, 2007


When saw my favorite aunt in Utah, she was wearing and 'evil eye' around her neck. She and my uncle had just returned form visiting my cousins in Turkey, I was sporting many henna tattoos including the 'evil eye' on my palm. She had thoughtfully brought me my own evil eye charm and I haven't taken it off since. Boncuk is what the magic little stone is called. It protects one from the 'evil eye'. So like if someone were to offer an unpleasant gesture gesture or words in my direction, it would be deflected by this charm around my neck and go right back upon that not so wise person.
Here's an example I found...
A woman gives birth to a healthy child with pink cheeks, all the neighbors come and see the baby. They shower the baby with compliments, commentating especially on how healthy and chubby the baby is. After getting so much attention weeks later the baby is found dead in his crib. No explanation can be found for the death. It is ascribed to Nazar. Compliments made to a specific body part can result in Nazar. That's why nearly every Turkish mother fixes with a safety pin a small Boncuk on the child's clothes. Once a Boncuk is found cracked, it means it has done his job and immediately a new one has to replace it.
Words can damage, so... be careful who you're flinging them at because that person just might be armed.
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