Friday, June 1, 2007

Aynee va Koran

I've learned a lot from friends that I gotten close to in the very cosmopolitan village of Acadia Park Student housing. It's not as glamorous as my cousin's trip around the world for a year (, but I'm grateful for a bigger understanding of how we construct our realities and how I can be tolerant of what I don't understand.

A friend of mine has recently purchased a beautiful apartment downtown Vancouver which, like most of the high rises downtown, has lots of big glass windows that look out to stunning views of the water, boats and this pretty city. My Iranian friend, who recently became a Canadian citizen, invited me and a couple of my little ones to come and witness Aynee va Koran. Translated, I think it means mirror of the Koran. The first time this family entrained their new home, the youngest carried a bottle of milk, some flowers, a mirror and The Koran. They believe this ritual will bless their home with brightness, happiness and wealth. It was lovely and I wish all of that and more for them.
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