Saturday, May 12, 2007

my brain is not your brain...

The fact is, men process their strong emotions differently from women...
The male/female brain is a topic that has been popping up a lot lately. I think it's good to learn about things that we don't understand because if we recognize the context of individual's actions, it seems that we can tolerate a lot more. In my life, there are many topics that I wish I would have read about before I experienced them so I could recognize that indeed, I am not unique to most situations or circumstances. Just like learning to appreciate an artwork, or art movement by learning more about it, I appreciate differences and tolerate the actions of others by having more knowledge of them.
Since living in the very cosmopolitan area of student/family housing at UBC, I've become more familiar with several other cultures and religions. Through that process I have figured out a simple but important lesson. My cultural construct may not be the same as the people who live next door, but having spent some time to learn a little about what and why my friend's actions are different from mine, actions which might have offended me became endearing. It's not about a right and a wrong way, that's not it at all. Of course, as I stated in an earlier entry, I think we all have some basic rights, like kindness and respect but the way we manifest those rights can be very different from culture to culture.
Men and women may take different routes, but they arrive at the same destination at about the same time. Learning gender variations sheds light on actions...not to say that I have sorted or understand everything that I hope to gain a peaceful understanding's a start.
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