Friday, August 23, 2013

Angels and Witches

This year at Boise's Art in the Park (Sept. 6-8) I will be introducing a new series of small paintings. These little 5 x 7" gems will be available only this year and are part of a collection.

The first two angels (above) are titled: Leta, which means "glad" in Latin, and Pius, which means "dutiful" in Latin.

 Lee is from the woods.
...Someone should really write stories about these little paintings.
 Rita is a brave and honest witch.
I painted this witch on an antique ceiling tile. Her name is Demi, which means "half"in French. She's a bit of an outlaw.

All originals will be available at Gallery 601 in Boise on Sept. 5. You may contact Christine for prices. I'm excited to get back to Boise. We have a lot of fun and Gallery 601 puts on a show/party. All are invited to join us!

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