Monday, January 14, 2013

Art House

Our whole house has turned into a studio. It's crazy. My studio is an icebox so I'm painting in the dining room. The kittens are painting in there as well and middle kitten is also working in the kitchen on some big ink drawings, where Dan Barney is doing bread research. In the living room Dan Barney is studying cheese making and gathering equipment. In the family room we have sewing going on. The downstairs family room has drawings that middle, littlest kitten and I are working on and of course, Dan Barney has his two studio rooms full of current projects as well. Then we started making masks this weekend and pulled a lot more supplies out onto the dining room table.
Don't worry, the dishes and laundry are done and I have dusted all surfaces. But, it is still a little out of control. We need more studio space?! 

 This weekend Dan and I collaborated on some masks we are donating to the Utah Art's Festival for their Masquerade party.  This was my kind of fun.
 All of those supplies have now been placed back in the freezing studio so that I can concentrate on painting.

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