Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Boise's Art in the Park Report:

When we found our booth marker (222) so close to the cotton candy trailer, I was sure it was a good omen. Then I heard the monkeys howling from the zoo behind us and really, it felt like home.

Thanks to friends set-up was pretty slick.

I have a new respect for the carni-like art gypsies that travel from art festival to art festival. I won't be hitching up the goats to the caravan anytime soon. One festival a year is enough for me. I met lots super cool people, had a blast with Christine in my booth, got to share stories, hear mostly compliments about my artwork and be in the sun for three days. It was fun and exhausting.

 We were so busy that I didn't end up with many photos. I wish I had one of Will Bullas and Terry in their booth, entertaining the masses. They are funny. I wish I had a better photo of my booth. I also wish I had photos of all the new friends I made.

Maybe my favorite time was when the day was done, we would ride our bikes, in the dark back home. I got to use my lights and it felt so good to unwind and feel the wind after all that hot durning the day.

Thanks to Gallery 601 for taking good care of me and for all the people who came out to visit and buy artworks! 

Gallery 601 will have prints available that I had there at the festival. I'll post that link soon.

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