Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Visions of Flannel Board Stories Danced Through My Head

I was restless all night long. Sometimes an idea is so good that my brain is like a Fourth of July sparkler, throwing pretty little sparks of light all over the place. I woke up singing "I'm bringing flannel back." Throughout the night I thought of several ways to put it together and what the stories could be. It has to be big and it has to embrace Mormon culture with the sophistication of fine art. No wonder I was up all night!

I asked my BYU students if they knew what a flannel board story was and a couple of them did.
I have nice memories of sitting in primary, listening to stories, watching the teacher try to keep the story pieces from falling off the flannel. Maybe that is the main reason they aren't used so much today. Two days later I'm still playing around with different materials. I've sewed paper onto flannel. I've ironed paper to flannel with fabric bonding stuff. I've gessoed flannel and some pieces of embroidery backing. Please feel free to send suggestions.

I kind of want to make it into a quilt but I also want the focus to be in the drawings. So many options. One of my students (Maura) suggested that some of the pieces should be able to move around while some are stationary. I like that a lot.

Thank you Andi for the conversation which sparked this idea.
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Anonymous said...

You would be the MOST awesome Primary chorister. I should make a call.

Cassandra Barney said...

Ha! I love primary! I also am in awe of our chorister. I didn't realise what an important position until now. Lucky me though to get to write (with the help of all primary children) the primary program!



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