Monday, May 23, 2011

Living Artistically

I'm putting together my portion of the lecture that Dan Barney and I will be giving tonight at Orem Library (7:00.) I've wanted to talk about family/art and I think this is a perfect venue for it.

I'm going to talk a little about my kitten's artwork, and what I hope they have learned by living artistically and art making. I also want to talk about creating an environment conducive to art making.
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pamela said...

oh cass, i am so so so sad that i will be unable to attend. i mean, i've been wishing for this kind of thing from you and dan forever!! good luck.

Rachel said...

I LOVED both of your presentations (and your artwork)-I felt super inspired afterwards, as did both of my friends that I brought with me :) Thank you so much for sharing- you have an amazing family!

Cathy G said...

Cass, we loved the talk at the library. We are so glad to be your neighbors! You both did a great job and I was inspired to allow more creativity and more messes!


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