Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Clarinda, Queen of the Faeries

It's rained quite a bit the past few days. I'm happy for the rain so I can focus on work rather than the sun.

I'm pretty sure that every spring I do a painting about Spring. Rabbits are very spring to me. Recently, we have actually had a rabbit visiting our backyard. That's probably good luck, right?
The rabbit is a symbol of fertility and rebirth. I like the way the figure, Clarinda is holding the rabbit, walking into the season. It's like she's going through the actions but she's also pleased to be doing so.

My show is at Heritage Gallery in Cannon Beach a week from Friday. I'm pleased with my paintings and looking forward to sharing them. I'm also looking forward to the windy beach and visiting with friends. If you want to plan a lunch or dinner, let me know!
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pamela said...

these colors are beautiful cass!


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