Thursday, January 6, 2011

If you could pick a super-power what would you pick?

I'm excited to say that I think I'm finally ready. The topic of super powers has come up several times lately and I have such a hard time committing to one. I'm not sure. I get excited about everything except being super stretchy.
I think the power I would to stop time. That might sound a little boring and maybe I'll change my mind and wish for super speed, mind reading or super strength, but to stop time would mean that on good painting days I could stop time and stay in my zone until I had painted everything on my mind and finish everything that I want to work on in the studio.

The only problem is that my want for this super power is entirely selfish and that's not what super powers are for.
I had better get back to work because time is ticking.
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pamela said...

once a friend told me she would like the super power to make people poop their pants. pretty useful - like if you are getting robbed or something.

but i'm with you. time stopping would allow us to get everything done that we want to.

Lisa Lisa said...

Be still my heart...the witchy paintings!?! Love, love, LOVE them. I want one...there is a little witch in all of us. ; )

so said...

super power
turn snow into burritos


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