Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glenda the Hummingbird

On August 31, 2008, we gently placed the tiny hummingbird we named Glenda into a container filled with silica to be opened at a later date. At that time I had been strangely fascinated with mummification but couldn't bring myself to actually mummify this beautiful tiny creature.
With eager anticipation we opened the container and Glenda slid out. Oh Glenda!
She was totally intact after two years of drying time. Her stunning iridescent color was gone but she still looked sort of pretty.
We reverently placed her in the drawer of one of my favorite sculptures by Suzi Gallup. I don't think I'm very interested in mummification or taxonomy as hobbies. I'm far too sensitive for that sort of thing.
If you are ever visiting the Barney home, please feel free to take a peek at Glenda in the drawer on the shelf.
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Kim said...

Are those Russian nesting doll Presidents of the Church on your shelf?! Cool! Did you make them/paint them?

The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

When I was a little girl, a beautiful emerald green bird flew into my grandmother's big picture window. I ran out and approached cautiously and gently picked the bird up. It died in my hands. I made a soft bed for it in a small box. I named it "Greenland" because the bird was the same color as the country indicated on my grandpa's world map. I kept it in my top drawer and would bring it out and remove the box's lid every night...until my hygienic mother discovered it.
Your little hummingbird in the drawer brought back that memory I had forgotten.
Your blog is a delight.


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