Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mirror Ball Trophy

My mom invited her favorite dance fans to come with her to a special reception for the UVU Ballroom Dance team, who won Dancing With The Stars University Challenge last night. Last night?! Stamina! Their dancing gave me goosebumps. I could hardly sit still I just wanted to jump up, throw in a sparkle skirt, heals and some glitter and get out there. I actually have only ever taken one ballroom dance class but in my mind, I'm Cassie Sparkle and I'm so good at it!

They did a Michael Jackson tribute and I thought it might be nice to send them a copy of the Fire Girls 550 S. dancers doing our tribute last 4th of July, just in case they need any new material.


jennie said...

Loved it! Min still has a punch mustache.

Sue Ann said...

LOVE that first photo. We cheered the group on from so cal. Fun night for your Mom. Kudos!


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