Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Painting in Progress

I'm loving this painting. It doesn't have a title yet and might need to be glazed a couple more times, but it's getting there. There is something in this painting I want to embody. I think it's the way in which the figure is ready for the 'bull' that will undoubtedly charge her direction. Her womanly figure is poised and graceful. The figure also stands in a burning ring of fire...that's got to help.
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dangerseven said...

What might help her keep that bull from charging is taking away his credit card.

The painting is a nice complement to the collection.

Rick 7

And that joke never stops being funny.

Anonymous said...

Love the Spain connection! Ole!

Have you ever painted a melancholy flamenco dancer? I think that would appeal to your style beautifully. Sooooo, if you ever need a model... :)


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