Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh Dan Barney, please hurry home!

It was fun at first. I like that feeling of independence, that feeling that I can handle everything. I made sure all the doors were locked at night, the house always in order, the plants watered, and I even cooked a real meal that first night. Then, as we always do, we went crazy with the processed foods; soup in a can and frozen whatevers. It was fun.
We spent lots of time playing together, just us girls. I worked hard too, but kept them close. I was in charge and aware.
We bonded. We had quiet sweet moments and raucous dancing ones. We even had a film crew over for a day. You should have been here for that.

When I was telling the film crew about you, I got a little sad. There is something missing when you aren't here. We love laughing and talking with you. We love your cooking. We've started talking more and more about the real food that you magically cook into the best meals we've ever had.

And I really don't know how to do the kittens math homework. I tried to help with Spanish homework and kept making up words. Middle kitten didn't think I was funny.
We are missing you. Really, we miss you a lot. We are proud of you and glad that you get to do what you do, but two weeks is too long. I don't want to be independent anymore. I just want you to come home, so hurry!

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Kat said...

oooo i love the shadow picture.


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