Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Funny Job

The idea is written on a sticky note that I see every morning when I'm getting ready to paint. I had to start the painting today. The idea suits this season and my restless mood. I painted the face and knew I was on a roll.
I proceeded to paint a dress on the figure, then wiped it out and painted a different style of dress. Then I wiped that out and painted another dress, again a different style. Duh. After six different 'outfits' I remembered that I wasn't playing project runway fashion party. I suddenly felt a little silly so I washed my brushes and put them away. Tomorrow I'm going to wake up with a clearer fashion vision and do some serious painting.
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Rebecca Snow said...

Love you work, come to Hawaii and show off!! The art community here would love to have to visit and DO YOUR THING.

Lovelands said...

Hi Cass,

I rarely comment on your blod, but I read it all the time. I just had to say that this particular piece really grabbed both Alma and I a lot and it's SO beautiful. I am so pleased to know you.

I gave you and Dan a shout out a bit ago, if you want to read it, I hope you don't mind I linked you.

Here is the link:

much love,



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