Thursday, December 10, 2009


Last night I gessoed a fresh, new panel so I would be ready to paint first thing in morning. That's wanted for my birthday, just to paint.

I went into the studio, surprised to find ice on the inside of the windows. The heater wasn't (still isn't) working, it just clicked and then ...nothing. It's hard to paint with gloves on.

I realised that I had a quiet house (minus the clicking) for six hours, and I started thinking. Shouldn't our mom's get gifts on our birthdays? I mean, now that I have my own teens, I am very aware of all that I put my mother through. She should get lots of presents for that. That's not even to mention the fact that she birthed me and took care of me. Why should I get presents at all? She really must love me and I'm going to give her a special gift on my birthday. Too bad she's out of town.

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Katie said...

I have a friend who gets me something every year for my daughter's birthday saying, "After all, you did all the work!"

Happy Birthday, Cassandra!

Deanna said...

My mom gave me a present in the hospital when I had my first baby for my "birth day" and I have always thought how special that was.

I thought about you yesterday. I hope you had a great birthday. I love the pictures. I have had your family's Christmas gift wrapped for a week. I just need to actually get over to your house with it. (Good news, it's NOT food!)

annalisa said...

at some point when i was in college, I started sending my mama flowers for my birthday-- sometimes ordered from far away, sometimes sneakily delivered by me to surprise her in her school classroom, ........ now flowers for her are my favorite birthday tradition. :)


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