Wednesday, September 23, 2009

swish...jingle, jingle

Again I find myself considering reincarnation. I can feel it in my spine, it's familiar like my body has done this always. It's like unfolding a paper swan and smoothing it out with the palm of my hand. I love it. I love the music, the stretching, the colors of the fabric.
That was very dramatic and so is belly dancing. My mom, aunt, cousin, kitten and I are taking a class. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that it's nice to have a skill to fall back on in case our current lines of work fall apart. I'm sure people are already hoping that we'll be performing at year's cul-de-sac of fire. We have already discussed the possibility.
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Sue Ann said...

I'd know that sweet, second photo stance ANYWHERE! I LOVE that girl! Dance, jingle and jiggle your hearts out, girl.

amy said...

i love it Cass. I need the group picture :) bummed i missed out on her selling her skirts and belts.

Laura A said...

Belly dancing is totally cool. My sister took a class in college.

When I was doing hula workout videos, I couldn't stop swinging my hips and twirling my wrists the rest of the day. Have you had that problem? :-)

Pam said...

Too bad I didn't know about your latest passion. I was just in Turkey and saw many outfits which would have been sooo fun. Gil looked at them with a gleam in his eye and I told him to forget about it!!!!!


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