Friday, September 4, 2009

The Moon and Me

I worked into the night with a rush of energy and passion. It felt good. My brush knew what I wanted it to do, like it was a part of me.
Finally, when I decided to cleaning up, I looked at my phone and there was at text from Kate that read, "full moon tonight." I laughed. I should have known.

I copied this from Kate's blog. She says she's in a dry spell, I'm not so sure.

The Last Time I Saw My Sister

There were so many things I wanted
to know. What it means, exactly,
to breathe another in. How it feels
to drown. We all

Had questions for her, admonitions,
pleas. We came with salvation,
the crooked blade
our father sent. We had traversed

The shadows of slow whales
to reach her, but like all lovers,
she misunderstood.

By Kate Horowitz
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1 comment:

pamela said...

chilling poem! wow. beautiful.

**you see, i see your paintings and I freak out. i feel so lucky to have two of them to look at each day.

***tell that dan barney hello. miss you.


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