Saturday, August 1, 2009

Snapshot Version

Last night I was sitting on the grassy hill, under the moon light with old and new friends, listening to Diana Krall and enjoying it all so much. I thought about how rich it was to hear her sing and play in person compared to listening to a recording. I thought about how similar that experience is to seeing artwork in real life rather than a snapshot of it on a blog. Snapshots don't make the viewer cry or feel it in the heart...right?
I haven't wanted to post the paintings I've been working on for that reason. I love these paintings so much that I don't want the snapshot version to be what people see. I want to show everybody the real paintings. I guess that's what art shows are for. I'm posting this one anyway.
I've spent so many hours in the studio this week that I'm experiencing some sort of unnatural attachment to my paintings. Cool.
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Deanna said...

Wow! It still looks amazing in a snapshot. I can't imagine it in person. BEAUTIFUL!

elizabeth said...

love your work and the symbolic messages they convey... ♥

agree that IRL paintings come to life.

Anonymous said...

I love it. And I love the banner today.

Nigel said...

So, what are they on? It looks almost like antique wallpaper or something similar. Or is that the new painter-ly-ness you were talking about?

karynn said...

I would love to see this in person. I agree that seeing artwork on the computer screen is so completely different than seeing it in real life. One example in particular for me is with 'Your Name is Safe in my Mouth'... in person she has shape and depth that is lost in the electronic version.


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