Monday, August 31, 2009

Shared Space

Early this spring our bishop decided to turn his vacant lot into a neighborhood garden. He provided the water and plowing. Dan Barney helped plan out the plots and get things started. It's been one of my favorite things this summer. It not only has been an opportunity to plant so things we don't usually plant, like corn, because we don't have the space in our garden but it's also provided a space for friends and neighbors to work together. 
I'm proud to announce that I grew the biggest pumpkin again this year. Sadly there has been some sort of funky pumpkin killer disease running through our garden. I hope my juicy giant pumpkin makes it until fall. 
We grew a couple of fancy constellation watermelons. I wonder if I can chart the stars on my melon? In our section, I think egg plants are the prettiest thing in the  garden but tomatoes are the most plentiful.
I snapped this picture just as Dan was waving to a neighbor. That's pretty much what our community garden has been this summer, connection.


Kat said...

love your pumpkin and i love the little cart - you guys look so provident!

Laura A said...

That is fabulous! What a neat thing to do with your neighbors.

Sue Ann said...

Beautiful thoughts and beautiful photos, Cass. Love all you do.

Mrs. D said...

Sari gave me some of the delicious cherry tomatoes from your community garden and they were heavenly. Thank you and good luck with your pumpkin!


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