Monday, August 3, 2009

More Changes...

If I were to make a list of qualities a gallery should have, it would in include the following: a respectable reputation, good communication with the artists and the customers, honest up-to-date bookwork, reasonable pay schedule and a relationship with the artist based on mutual respect. I have worked with many galleries over the years and I have found that only a handful posses this list of qualities. One of these is Bronze Coast Gallery in Cannon Beach. There has been nothing in my experience with this gallery that I can complain about. Bronze Coast has rated 'excellent' with me in every way, which makes my decision to move to another gallery in Cannon Beach a hard one.

Let me back up a bit. In Cannon Beach, Oregon I was happy at Ernst Gallery for several years. We had some good times and it was profitable, though a little unorganized. This winter I received some sad news that the gallery would be closing because of some *legal issues. It's a big mess.
The situation with Ernst closing wasn't all bad because I was lucky to have the opportunity to move my work to the Bronze Coast Gallery, a gallery I had long admired.

Now a new situation has arisen. In the space next door to Bronze Coast Gallery, where Ernst used to be, a new gallery has opened up. This gallery is a Greenwich dealer. I happen to have a steadily selling market for reproductions in Cannon Beach, so having a Greenwich dealer in the area is great. Only in art world, it doesn't work to have two galleries next door to each other selling the same artist's work. So, since the print market is steady, it's appropriate for me to move to Heritage gallery at this time. I'm sorry to leave Bronze Coast because they are lovely people. I would recommend them highly to any art collector.

I am now looking forward to working with Heritage Gallery. Heritage gallery is in no way associated with Ernst Gallery. Heritage is owned by Dann Jennings. This is their second gallery, the first being in Vancouver, Washington. A bonus about Heritage gallery is that Mavis works there. If you are in town, stop by and say hello to Mavis. She's a good lady and will set you up.

Heritage has asked me to come out for a show in September. I'm thinking about it.

*If you are a former Ernst & Ernst customer or artist with works on consignment and would like more information or to file a claim, please call the FBI hotline number, 503-273-5812. For consigners, a serial number, artist name and artwork name must be provided for each piece of art. Information can be e-mailed to
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Annika said...

Hi Cassandra! I just wanted to say that I am so glad I found you. Your paintings are beautiful and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing. Annika ;)

karynn said...

I do hope you decide to come to Cannon Beach in September, it would be great to meet you! :)

Laura A said...

I was wondering about that! Somehow, Heritage Gallery had access to Ernst's mailing list because we got a nice letter from them inviting us to be their customers. Or something. It's been awhile and I've forgotten. I did see that Mavis is there, and that was exciting.

So I meant to email and ask you about it, but things got away from me and I haven't.

I'm due to deliver our son in early October, and have a history of delivering a couple weeks early... I don't know how wise a trip to Oregon would be for me in September. But I'll keep it in mind. It just never seems to work out for us :-).


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