Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Most people I know change out winter clothes for summer clothes in their closet, so as to have what they need available. I personally don't do much of that because I made a resolution three years ago to keep only what fits in the closet. If I start wanting to put clothes in other closets or storage bins, it means I've got too much. Anyway, what I was going to say was that though I don't rearrange my closet, I do seasonally organize my studio. It mostly has to do with having the kittens home for the summer. Trying to paint in the summer is more challenging then any other time. There doesn't seem to be much quiet time available so one of the tricks I've learned is that if when a kitten or two are in the studio with me, I've got some good stuff for them to work with right there ready to go. If not I hear, "look this mom" or " will you get me..?" So I went through my stuff and and put potential project supplies in easy to get to and clean up places. So far it's going well. I enjoy it ever so much when everybody is happy and engaged in making art.
Last night I did something really funny and in the excitement I forgot to take pictures. For family night, we went about our usual preparations... a little singing, blah, blah, blah, then I said I'm going to call you downstairs in just a second for our activity. I ran down and quickly changed into a wacky outfit that actually looked like a gypsy than anything and called them down. At the bottom of the stairs was a sign that read, "Massage School." I divided them up into teams with some study sheets then we practiced on each other. It was a pretty fun night. I'm still not sure where the gypsy outfit fit in.
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Angela Henrie said...

You are hilarious. Sometimes you gotta mix things up for family night, right? I was thinking...2 kindred spirits must make plans to one day go to Frida's museum together. I need to go in this lifetime. I have never met anyone else that wanted to go- I always thought I shall have to convince somebody to go with me someday!


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