Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's always fun to practice some new fancy art show moves.
...and get more fans. Her name is Sophia and I could tell she really loved the paintings.
I learned something call 'art show hands' which is similar to jazz hands but with the palms up.
The best way to finish off a night like that would be good food with a good friend.
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jenny l p said...

Haha, nice pic of me, Dan Barney. :-) No, thank you Cassi, for wanting to protect me from burning up in a blaze of bad luck. It was a great show, congratulations!

pamela said... show hands. i love it.

Nigel said...

Sorry I missed it. I need to call you, or vice-versa...

Pam said...

Another thing we have in common....the Red Iguana!!!! It is the closest thing to good Arizona mexican food that we have found. Love your blog. Check it out often.
My best to your family.
Pam Greer


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